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Application of transparent conductive film
Sep 06, 2018

Transparent conductive film is widely used in the downstream applications, mainly in the fields of photoelectric devices such as transparent electrode of liquid crystal display, touch screen and transparent electrode of thin film solar cell. According to NanoMarket forecast in 2010, only the transparent electrode of LCD, touch screen and transparent electrode and other high-end application of thin film solar cells, the demand for transparent conductive film by 2017 will reach 2017 square meters, transparent conductive film market will increase by $2010 in 2.4 billion to $2017 in 7.6 billion, an average annual compound growth rate of 17.9%, while the market scale of transparent conductive film size than billions dollars. Transparent electrodes of liquid crystal display: LCD can display specific graphics, mainly is the transparent conductive film on the conductive glass etching made into a particular shape electrode, on the electrode after add appropriate voltage signal, make the liquid crystal molecules with a dipole moment electric field under the action of a particular aspect of the arrangement, and then according to the pattern of the opposite electrode wavelength should be. At present, the transparent electrode of liquid crystal display has the best light transmittance and electric conductivity with ITO film, and it is easy to etch the micro pattern in the acid liquid.

Touch screen: touch screen is the biggest power source for the development of transparent conductive film in recent years. Due to low entry threshold, poor sensitivity and short service life, resistance touch screen is doomed to decline. At present, projection capacitive screen with better performance is the mainstream.

Thin-film solar cells of transparent electrode: transparent conductive film in the field of solar energy application main use transparent electrode used in thin film solar cells, is different from the LCD in ITO transparent electrode material as the main, transparent electrode materials of solar cell based on tin oxide (SnO2) or zinc oxide (ZnO) is given priority to, mainly based on solar cells and LCD on the process and material properties requirements are different.

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