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Introduction to reflective prevention membranes
Sep 06, 2018

In the display industry, anti-reflection polymer membranes (" AR membranes ") are becoming increasingly important. New applications are being developed for low refractive index membranes applied to the substrates of products used in the computer, television, appliance, mobile phone, aerospace and automotive industries. The antireflection film is a low refractive index film with suitable thickness and specific refractive index on the transparent support body.

In order to achieve low refractive index, it is necessary to prepare materials with low refractive index layer with the lowest refractive index possible. Because the anti-reflection film device is on the outside of the display, the anti-reflection film is required to have high scratch resistance. In order to achieve high abrasion resistance of films with thickness of about 100nm, these films must have high mechanical strength and must be able to bond with the underlayer. In order to improve the reflectance, the reflectance layer of the multilayer film is usually composed of high refractive index layer and low refractive index layer.

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