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Application Of Infrared Filter
Sep 06, 2018

Infrared filters are mainly used in the field of security monitoring, infrared gas analyzer, night vision products, infrared detectors, infrared receivers, infrared induction, infrared communication products. Products include: surveillance camera, remote control, infrared curtain wall product, infrared sensor toilet, faucet, hand sanitizer device, infrared thermometer, infrared printer, interactive electronic whiteboard, infrared touch screen, fingerprint reader, face recognition system, etc.

Wavelength division of infrared light

The infrared band includes a wide range of wavelengths from 780nm to 14um, which are further divided into near-infrared, medium-infrared and far-infrared. Near infrared (code name ir-a, wavelength from 780~1500nm,NIR), middle infrared (ir-b,1500~6000nm,MIR), far infrared (ir-c,6000~14000nm,FIR)3 bands.