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ITO Conductive Film Has High Light Transmittance And Low Resistivity
Sep 06, 2018

ITO conductive film is a kind of Indium Tin Oxide thin film with conductive function. The base material is usually PET.

As an n-type semiconductor material, ITO conductive film has high self-owned carrier concentration (low resistivity), bandgap width (1) and high optical transmittance in visible spectral region. Based on good transmittance and conductive performance, ITO conductive film is widely used in many fields such as flat display devices and solar cells. ITO conductive film's main features include: (1) conductive performance is good, the resistivity can be up to 10-4 Ω, cm; (2) high visible light transmittance, up to 85%; (3) it has absorbability to ultraviolet light and the absorbance is more than 85%; (4) it is reflective to infrared ray with a reflectivity of more than 80%; (5) it has attenuation property for microwave, and the attenuation rate can reach 85%. (6) the thin layer has high hardness, wear resistance and chemical corrosion resistance. (7) good performance of film processing, convenient for etching, etc. High visible light transmittance and low resistivity combine to make ITO film one of the transparent conductive materials with the best comprehensive performance at present.