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The Development Of Infrared Technology
Sep 06, 2018

19th century: study of the infrared radiation of astronomical stars and use infrared spectra for material analysis. The 20th century: infrared technology first came to the attention of the military, as it offered the possibility of observing, detecting radiation from military targets themselves and conducting secret communications in the dark.

Some experimental infrared devices, such as signal scintillator and search device, were developed during the first world war. On the eve of world war ii, Germany: infrared picture tube; During the war: Germany, United States: infrared radiation sources, narrowband filters, infrared detectors, infrared telescopes, radiometer, etc.

After world war ii: the former Soviet union. After the 1950s, the United States: the homing device on the rattlesnake missile and the infrared camera on the u-2 spy plane represented the level of military infrared technology at the time. The FLIR has gained the attention of the military and is widely used: the airborne FLIR can detect people, small vehicles and hidden targets over 1500m, and can distinguish cars at 20,000 m, especially submarines that can probe 40m below the water.

In the gulf war, the role and power of infrared technology, especially thermal imaging technology, was fully demonstrated.