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Three Dimensions Of Market Demand For Transparent Conductive Film
Sep 06, 2018

Now ITO conductive film is mainly used for transparent electrodes, liquid crystal display touch screen (TP) and thin film solar cell electrode, and other fields, although the downstream products application field is very broad, but we think the ITO conductive film of incremental demand mainly comes from the development of the downstream of the touch screen industry, along with the touch screen industry in recent years the explosive growth of demand, the upstream ITO conductive film with rapid growth of demand, this paper focus is based on the touch screen industry demand of ITO conductive film market capacity. Here we directly give the demand estimation of three dimensions of the transparent conductive film market. For the estimation process of the following data, we will discuss in detail after the introduction of the touch screen structure.

ITO conductive film for touch screen: We based on two fields: the smart phones and tablets to forecast demand for ITO conductive film, a conservative estimate the demand of the market in 2011 to 324 square meters, the demand of this year (2012) can reach 453 square meters, to reach 2054 square meters, 2015, 2012-2015 average annual compound growth rate of 45%, ITO conductive film in 2015 output value reached 5.44 billion yuan, this also does not include touch super book, camera, GPS, ebook, and other areas of the touch screen, if the full touch screen area, The scale of ITO conductive film for touch screen will be increased.

ITO conductive film: the demand for touch screen ITO conductive film is expected to exceed 5 million square meters this year (2012). It is estimated that the transparent electrode of traditional liquid crystal display is also more than 5 million square meters.

Transparent conductive film: it is applied in the transparent electrode of liquid crystal display, touch screen, transparent electrode of thin film solar energy, energy-saving window of antistatic coating screen, windshield of car and airplane, etc. We estimate that in 2012, the demand for transparent conductive film in high-end areas such as transparent electrodes for liquid crystal displays, touch screens, thin film solar panels and organic EL elements for lighting was close to 200 million square meters.