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Touch Panel Market Ito Conductive Film Technology Growth
Sep 06, 2018

The touch panel mainly USES materials such as ITOGlass (indium tin oxide transparent conductive glass), ITOFilm (transparent conductive film), silver glue, soft circuit board (FPC) and XCNS chemicals. The resistive touch panel may choose to use ITO glass or ITO conductive film due to different product design. By using resistive F/G, the proportion of transparent conductive material in material cost will be up to 80%.

The common multi-point resistive and penetrating capacitive touch technologies are compared, and their applications are becoming increasingly polarized due to their different characteristics. Due to the advantages of optics, service life and so on, the penetrating capacitive mode has occupied the majority of advantages in high-end mobile phones and NB market. As for the multi-point resistance type, due to its advantages of cost, size and handwriting input, the product market has been gradually established and its share has been expanded.

As for the comparison between ITO conductive film and ITO glass, ITO conductive film can be applied to both resistive and capacitive touch technology at the same time. Compared with ITO glass, it can only be applied to capacitive type, and its elasticity is wider. In addition, ITO conductive film is significantly superior to ITO glass in terms of cost, appearance, weight and safety.

The main growth power of ITO conductive film, besides small and medium-sized resistive touch panel will continue to be used, resistive products applied to AIO and NB will be another source of growth. The growth rate of ITO glass will gradually slow down due to the effect of ITO conductive film replacement.

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