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What Kinds Of Optical Materials Are Divided Into
Sep 06, 2018

I believe that many friends do not know much about the optical industry, today to popularize the types of optical materials.

Optical materials are mainly divided into: optical glass; Optical crystals; KDP type crystals; Optical plastics.

Optical glass is the most commonly used optical material for optical design. In order to meet the requirements of optical design for various optical constants, high uniformity, high transparency and chemical stability, it should have complex composition and strict melting process.

(I) differences between optical glass and ordinary glass:

Isometric index:

Composition of common glass: SiO2+Na2O+CaO

Composition of optical glass: complex composition

Modern optical glass contains elements almost throughout the periodic table of chemical elements, and each optical glass is composed of silicon, phosphorus, boron, lead, potassium, sodium, barium, calcium, arsenic, aluminum and other oxides.

High transparency:

High uniformity: optical constants at various points are consistent with some other physical and chemical properties

(2) Types of optical glass

By main components:

The optical glass with SiO2 as the main component is called silicate glass. Accounted for 95%

The optical glass with B2O3 as the main component is called borate glass.

Optical glass with P2O5 as the main component is called phosphate glass.

Silicate glass is the main material of optical parts such as lens and prism.

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