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UV Bandpass Filter

  • 337 Band Pass Filter

    337 Band Pass Filter

    340nm, 365nm mercury lamp UV bandpass filter BP337nm, BP340nm mercury lamp UV bandpass filter, mainly used in UV high pressure mercury lamps that pass through a specific spectrum. 1.product introduction Kingki Optical's high-performance narrow-band filter with spectral...

  • 365 UV Bandpass Filter

    365 UV Bandpass Filter

    365nm, mercury exposure lamp UV bandpass filter BP365nm mercury exposure lamp UV bandpass filter is mainly used to pass through the 365nm high-pressure mercury lamp spectrum to cut off other spectra, thereby improving the signal-to-noise ratio of integrated circuit exposure...

  • Analytical Instrument Bandpass Filter

    Analytical Instrument Bandpass Filter

    340nm microplate reader, biochemical instrument UV bandpass filter BP340nm microplate reader biochemical instrument UV band pass filter, mainly used in biochemical analyzer and enzyme label analyzer. 1.the product introduction Kingki optical production of high-performance...

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