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575nm Negative Filter

575nm Negative Filter

Bandpass filter for 630 nm biochemical instrument detection BP630 biochemical instrument detection bandpass filter, mainly used for biochemical testing instruments. 1.product introduction The high-performance narrow-band filter produced by Kingki Optical has a spectral coverage of 340-1100nm....

  • Features & Specification

    532nm, 575n, negative bandpass filter

    BP532, bp575, a negative bandpass filter, is mainly used in laser protection, Raman spectroscopy, laser fluorescence analyzers and biomedical laser systems and astronomy.

    1.the product introduction

    Negative filters are often used to cut or reflect a specified wavelength. The spectral light waves on both sides of this wavelength are used, and the method and spectral curve are the opposite of the bandpass filter.

    Kingki Optical's high-performance narrow-band filter with spectral coverage from 400nm to 5000nm. This product is produced by dielectric hard film by means of ion-assisted coating, which makes the film dense, drift-free, scratch-resistant and difficult to be The advantages of moisture erosion, increased anti-reflection coating on the back side, thereby increasing the transmittance and increasing the energy of light.


    (575nm Negative Bandpass Filter)

    2.the negative filter curve: (You can fill in the demand table at the end of the text to tell us that you want the product)


    Transmittance curve, wavelength 575nm, negative element detection filter

    3.the application:

    BP575, a negative bandpass filter, is mainly used in laser protection, Raman spectroscopy, laser fluorescence analyzers and biomedical laser systems and astronomy.

    4.the company's strength

    Kingki has long been responsible for the research and production of military optical coatings. The chief engineer has more than 40 years of military optical coating experience, and has 33 national authorized patents. Nine optical film systems have won the People's Republic of China Science and Technology Progress Award.

    Kingki has a high-end factory building of 4,000 square meters, 13 sets of advanced coating machines and complete test equipment, with the ability to mass produce high-end optical filters.

    Kingki's wide range of products, excellent performance, high quality and low price, prompt delivery

    5.Demand table

    band pass filters























    The first of the Type II designs is identical with the vector method coating. Performance curves are given in Figure 4.17.

    Analytical expressions for calculating the positions of the zeros and the residual reflectance maxima of two- and three-layer coatings of the above types are given by Musset and Thelen. The method can be readily extended to four and more layers.

    Young [8] has developed alternative techniques for coatings consisting of quarter-wave optical thicknesses based on the correspondence between the theory of thin-film multilayers and that of microwave transmission lines. He gives a useful set of tables for the design of multilayer coatings where all thick- nesses are quarter-waves. Given the bandwidth and the maximum permissible reflectance, it is possible quickly to derive the coating that meets the specifica- tion with the least number of layers. The method, of course, takes no account of the possibility of achieving the given indices in practice, as with many of the other methods we have been discussing, but the optimum solution is a very useful point of departure in the design of coatings using real indices.

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